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Aimed at young sportspeople between the ages of 10 and 18 who play sports at a professional or semi-professional level and:

  • Need to devote part of their daily schedule to training in their specialist sport.
  • Require specific physical and psychological training that is different to that needed by the other residents.
  • Participate in various competitions, trials, tournaments, etc.
  • Need to combine their studies and sport to obtain the best academic and sports results.
  • Require flexibility on the part of the school to enable them to fulfil their commitments.


The Boarding School SEK - El Castillo is aware of the heavy demands involved in practising sports at a professional level, and we meet students' needs by providing them with a comprehensive education.

  • Individually-tailored and comprehensive programme for students of High Performance Sports, who need to combine their high-level training with their studies. To draw up this personalised programme, individual interviews are conducted with the students, academic staff and sports coaches, guidance department and families.
  • Flexibility: our students benefit from extremely flexible study schedules, ensuring they have enough time to meet their sports, training and competition commitments.
  • Academic Reinforcement: at the end of the school day, students have access to guided study and extra tuition.
  • Study Techniques: To ensure they get the best results from the time they spend studying, we provide students with strategies to ensure optimum time management and good study techniques.


The elite sports people of the future need to develop basic skills for dealing with the media, enabling them to express themselves properly in both national and international settings.

Our educational model provides them with the tools they need to successfully meet these challenges, giving them skills in languages, expression and public speaking.


To complement your workouts. The school SEK-Club El Castillo and SEK have excellent sports facilities, indoor and outdoor, available to students.


We have the best experts to meet the academic and emotional demands of sports students.

The team of educators, specialist tutors, teachers and counsellors guarantees students' all-round development.


Menus are overseen by a nutrition specialist and adapted to provide for the energy requirements of young sportspeople.  Special menus are available for students with allergies, coeliac disease, food intolerances and other specific dietary needs.

Discover the Sports University

Ever since it was established, the Camilo José Cela University has taken a unique approach to sport, viewing it as a vital component of university activity.

Our University has won the National Sports Award Joaquín Blume and Best Institution Award (COE) in 2010
Teaching Staff:  the team is trained to support and advise High Performance Sport students on all the physical and psychological aspects of practising sport at such a high level.

The Marqués de Samaranch Olympic Chair, dedicated to promoting Olympic values, was created in 2002, and the Sport Science Institute (ICD) was established in 2005.

It currently offers the Degree in Physical Activity Science and Official Masters in Sports Programmes

These help to secure the professional future of many young sportspeople and open up new horizons for them within a clearly-defined professional vocation.

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