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Who is it for:

This programme is specially designed for students between the ages of 12 and 18, who will have the opportunity to:

    • Improve their Spanish language skills
    • Become global citizens
    • Satisfy their curiosity for discovering other cultures
    • Live and study with classmates of the same age
    • Enjoy an unforgettable experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives
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Why SEK?
Students living in residence on campus, staying in rooms with Spanish students.
During his time communication between the school and families will be permanent: families will be informed, in English or Spanish on the adaptation and evolution of students.
Enjoy the perfect combination of classes, fellowship and activities that ensure maximum immersion in our language and culture: SPANISH CULTURE PROGRAMME
Spanish Culture Programme will be part of your resume, which is an exceptional value to understand and adapt to their new environment.
Our commitment to quality: all combining it with International Baccalaureate programs
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Boarding School SEK - El Castillo are located in an exclusive residential area in the north west of Madrid (the capital of Spain), just 20 minutes from the city centre.

What does it consist of:

Whether they are studying for just one term or a full academic year, the opportunities that students gain from the experience of being part of our community will form an essential part of their educational development.

SPANISH CULTURE PROGRAMME: This programme includes Spanish language support, helping the student to improve their fluency in Spanish and master the language more quickly. We also prepare students to ensure their success in official external Spanish language examinations, according to the level they have achieved.

Tailored Programme: Students can individually tailor their own programme, choosing subjects and courses that are the best match for their academic interests.

Transfer: a collection and transfer service is available from airports and main bus and train stations.

Special programmes: Our students have the option of taking part in programmes such as White Week (a week of skiing), or they can combine their stay in our international schools SEK-DUBLIN or SEK-LES ALPES at an additional cost, depending on the programme chosen

Integration and Coexistence

To ensure their rapid integration during the first few weeks, new students are assigned a native student buddy to support them from day to day and help answer their questions.

During this period, the curriculum is complemented by an extensive programme of activities to ensure a perfect balance between academic performance and personal development.


Cultural activities. These include excursions and guided tours to museums, monuments and major Spanish cultural sites: the Prado Museum, Royal Palace, National Library, Toledo, Ávila, etc.

Recreational activities, shows and leisure: Trips to the theatre, cinema, sports events, visit to the Madrid theme park, etc.

Sports activities:   When the school day is over, students can practise their favourite sports with specialist coaches in the school's facilities or those of the Club SEK: some of the options available include swimming, tennis, golf and gym

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