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All academically excellent students between the ages of 12 and 18 who:

  • Have brilliant academic records.
  • Foreign students or students from non-national education systems with good qualifications.
  • Those who wish to undertake their pre-university studies following an educational model that meets their requirements.
  • Those who need to ensure a place in their chosen higher education studies or at the Universities of their choice (national or international)
  • Those who want real and effective preparation for a successful professional future.


The academic excellence programme is aimed at students who want access to high-quality, individually-tailored education and who feel that the traditional academic choice does not meet their requirements.

    • We offer an individually-tailored curriculum that is demanding, exciting and motivating and adapted to students' needs, interests and goals.
    • This is embodied in top-class teaching staff, high academic standards, wonderful facilities and the use of new technologies.
    • Maximum educational results guaranteed: we prepare our students from ESO level (compulsory secondary education), establishing a solid base that will enable them to complete their pre-university education with the very best academic and personal training.
What it includes:

Specialist Teaching Team:  Students have access to professionals who are specialists in the different areas of knowledge, both during and outside teaching hours, who will support them in every way they need to attain their high academic requirements.

Facilities and Technology: Students can also make use of all the resources or facilities they need for their work, with technology being an integral part of the education model: iPads, netbooks, digital whiteboards, blogs, etc.

National/International Careers Advice Programme:  The Guidance Department, through its National and International Careers Advice Programme, will give students personal advice on their choice of studies and universities, drawing up the best possible programme tailored to their requirements.

SEK University Baccalaureate

Our innovative education model SEK, University Baccalaureate, allows students to choose either the National Baccalaureate or the Diploma Programme (International Baccalaureate). One of the key features of our education model is a change in methodology:

  • The creation of a stepping stone to University, making this transition easier for students, with teaching plans mirroring the philosophy of the university credits system.
  •  Integration of new technologies across all courses, making the most of their potential as work tools: iPads, laptops, video, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • The reversal of traditional work dynamics: the theory and content provided by teachers are hosted on online services, meaning they are available for study at all times and requiring students to do this work outside class time.
  • In the classroom, students use their time to work on the content.
  • Baccalaureate (LOE)
  • Diploma Programme

This is designed for students who want to get the best grades in the Baccalaureate and access exams for Spanish universities, as part of an enriching programme that uses an innovative methodology to develop talent.

Each subject will be sufficiently demanding to enable students to develop their full potential, but with a real final grade based on the targets met and knowledge acquired.

Students can choose subjects from the Diploma programme in English in order to enrich their curriculum and study for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in more depth..

Did you know… The SEK-El Castillo School was the first school in Spain to teach the Diploma Programme and now has more than 35 years proven experience in this area.

It is aimed at:

  • Students who have completed ESO (compulsory secondary education) or who have studied in foreign or international schools in Spain with non-national education systems.
  • Foreign students who wish to study in Spain and enjoy an international experience.
  • Those who want a guaranteed place at a foreign university

The International Baccalaureate Diploma:

  • Is a two-year pre-university programme that prepares students for entry to the best universities in the world, characterised by its international focus.
  • The programme is delivered either in English or bilingually (Spanish and English), as chosen by the student.
  • Our International Guidance Department helps students to choose the foreign universities they wish to apply to and will help them to fill out and complete their applications to ensure they have the maximum chance of being offered a place.


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