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The SEK boarding' programme is aimed at students between the ages of 10 and 18 who:

    • Are looking for a quality education system that guarantees the highest academic outcomes.
    • Students who are unable to continue studying in their home towns for either logistical or structural reasons.
    • Students whose family circumstances or location have changed, making it advisable for them to continue their education in a school with residential facilities.


Staying at the Boarding School SEK - El Castillo enable students to improve their academic performance whilst enjoying the benefits of living in a communal environment where they can learn values and experience the diversity of international cultures.

Boarders have access to large open spaces and excellent facilities that offer them enormous benefits.

Students can choose from either the Monday to Friday Programme or the Permanent Programme (Monday to Sunday).

Greatly improved academic performance

The teaching process for boarders includes four hours of continued education in the Residential Facilities per day, in order to create good study habits. This is divided into:
  • Academic reinforcement and further development, in small groups with teachers specialising in science and arts subjects.
  • Guided studies, in which students carry out group tasks or individual projects. They are taught study techniques that help them to acquire good working methods to make better use of their time.
Coexistence: Integration and learning to take responsibility.

Living with others in the Boarding School SEK - El Castillo helps students to:

  • Integrate into a multi-cultural environment, accepting the rules of coexistence and mutual respect, for the benefit of all.
  • Take responsibility for their own education, setting themselves specific targets for their studies and their personal life.
  • Self-confidence: This helps them gain maturity and is character-building, placing them in situations in which they have to make decisions.
  • Every student is monitored to ensure they feel happy and well integrated.
SEK-El Castillo School Education Model

Did you know that… The SEK Schools are part of the only Spanish education institution that teaches the three International Education programmes offered by the International Baccalaureate Organisation – IB (PYP; MYP and Diploma).

Our students have access to the best programmes and education models:

Primary: Students aged 10 to 12 will complete the final years of Primary Education based on a bilingual model (50% Spanish, 50% English) and will combine their studies with the International Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Secondary Education, students benefit from the:

  • The MYP Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation  – IB. they can study on a bilingual basis (50% Spanish, 50% English).
  • Smart Digital Classroom: students use technology to access knowledge via the platforms whenever and wherever they choose, receiving feedback on their work once it is completed, which reinforces and stimulates the learning process.

Baccalaureate:At SEK-El Castillo the aim is to ensure our students are able to access the university education of their own choice, at either national of international universities.

Students who wish to do so can undertake pre-university studies, following the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

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