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Living alongside other students in Boarding School SEK - El Castillo can be an unforgettable and enriching experience that fosters students' independence and enables them to attain the best possible academic results and levels of personal development.

Cultural exchange, recognition of diversity, acceptance and mutual respect are the key underlying principles.



Our facilities and services meet the most exacting quality criteria.

The male and female Residential Facilities have spacious bathrooms, study rooms, a sickbay and medical consultation room. Cleaning is conducted daily, and clothes ironed and arranged. There is also television, 24-hour security and assistance for students, and excellent sports and recreational facilities.

The halls are located on the grounds of the SEK-El Castillo International School, and are equipped with everything students require for their study, leisure and free time TV rooms, satellite channels, Wi-Fi connections, games, music, books, a library, radio studio, events room, and everything students need for a restful night's sleep in the bedrooms, which are organised according to their' age and school year.


Dining room






Horse riding


Boarding school

Health service

The school provides a medical service (doctor and nurse) in addition to its accident policy, offering 24-hour care, provided by a leading insurance company.

At the start of the school year, all students undergo a general medical examination.
Every year, specific checks are carried out, such as sight and hearing tests and checks to identify any changes to the spinal column, tooth decay, etc..

Meal service

he School has its own kitchen (certified in accordance with ISO Standard 9002:1994), ensuring that the food provided meets all quality and hygiene requirements.

Boarding Facilities Blog provides information on the menus, with dietary advice about the different meal services offered..

Students with special dietary requirements require the express authorisation of the school's medical service.

Weekend transport service.

At the weekends there is a Transport Service, with buses run by the school, which boarding students can use, with prior authorisation, at the following times:

– Friday: Departs 5.30 pm
– Saturday: Departs 12.30 pm
– Sundays and public holidays: Returns 9.15 pm from Calle Goya, 87 A collection and transfer service is available to take students to and from airports and main bus and train stations.

Laundry Service
All items of clothing must be marked with the identification number given by the Secretary's Office. To send clothes to the laundry, students need their own cloth bag, identified with the same number as the clothing (it is advisable to have two bags).

A sewing service is available for sewing and mending school uniform clothing

Security Service
The school and the residential facilities have a 24-hour external security service. The teachers and wardens at the Residential Facilities also ensure that a designated person is always on call to guarantee the control and safety of students and the smooth running of the school day.

Religious Service.
Students are provided with any spiritual guidance they need and are given the opportunity to attend religious celebrations, always on the basis of cultural and religious freedom and tolerance..



Sports activities

Sport has a very important place in the SEK Institution , This is most clearly reflected in the fact that the Residential Facilities are also home to students from High Competition Schools, who combine their studies with sports at the highest national and international levels.

Students have access to tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, squash courts, indoor swimming pools, a gym, basketball court, football pitch and the SEK-El Castillo, sports facilities, as well as the SEK Club facilities.

Taekwondo/ self defence
Taekwondo is the most widely-practised Korean martial art in the world. This activity helps develop the spirit by teaching self-control techniques.

  • Students can train for exams to earn Spanish Federation gradings and qualifications.
  • The Technical Director is Coral Bistuer 7th Dan and European Union Taekwondo gold medal winner.

Physical fitness and sports training with individual programmes.

Practical sessions and advanced training with teachers from the SEK Sports Club.

Tennis/Paddle tennis
Various levels.

  • All students enrolled in the Tennis and Paddle Tennis School must be affiliated with a federation in order to have the opportunity to take part in tournaments in Madrid.
  • Students have free access to the courts.

We have access to sports schools and also teachers from the SEK Sports Club.

This sport develops accuracy, a global perspective and balance. It is taught by teachers from the SEK Sports Club.

Horse Riding
This activity not only teaches students how to ride horses, but also how to take care of them and properly use the right equipment, with specialist teachers from the SEK Sports Club.

  • Students who achieve a sufficiently good standard will be able to take part in social competitions or regional championships.
  • Students can train either using their own horses or horses belonging to the school.

This activity, provided in collaboration with the Víctor Ullate Dance Foundation, provides students with top-level dance training bringing them the enthusiasm and methodology of one of the best teachers in this discipline.

Culture, leisure and free time activities

Theatre School
This teaches students acting techniques and they rehearse for stage adaptations or original productions.

In the music school, students begin to develop or improve their technical and performance skills on an instrument (violin, piano, cello, percussion)

Creative Arts
This encourages students' creativity by producing art work using different techniques: oils, water colours, tempera, carving and modelling

Reading Club

This provides students with the techniques they need to read comprehensively and expressively, practising diction and comprehension techniques.

Current Affairs Workshop

Students study and analyse the news, followed by commentary. They discuss the most important national and international news.

Community and Service Activities

This encourages students to participate in Community and Service Activities, carrying out tasks within the Residential Facilities or the School itself, or external activities with official organisations: UNICEF- Red Cross- Environment, etc.

Weekend Activities

There are alternate activities on Saturdays and Sundays for students enrolled on our Permanent Boarding Programme (Monday to Sunday):

  • Academic Activities: Students will have allotted times for carrying out guided studies and receiving academic support. The study hours depend on each student's academic performance and personal timetable.
  • Co-curricular activities: Visits to Museums and centres of cultural interest. Sports Events.  Exhibitions. Cinema forum. Theatre.
  • Free time activities: Group afternoons, cinema, shopping, parties, birthdays
  • Sports activities: Sports in the school facilities and in SEK Sports Club facilities: Tennis. Swimming, Paddle Tennis, Gym
  • Free Time Activities: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Theme Parks (adventure, rides, animals, etc.) skating.


SEK Support. A professional and experienced teaching team

The staff in both the school and the residential facilities have extensive experience and a real passion for teaching.

We are committed to boosting our students' academic performance and personal development, planning and guiding their learning process, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and ensuring that each student has a welcoming and familiar place in the residential facilities in which to study and live.

In the 20-year history of boarding at the school, great teachers and educators have served as guides and role models for their students, or have simply had a positive influence on them, creating happy memories they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

SEK team training

Ongoing training for our teaching staff has been one of the hallmarks of the SEK Institution for more than 50 years, with more than 10,000 teachers having taken part in these training sessions.

Another feature of the SEK Institution is its constant commitment to research and innovation in education. This characteristic takes on a new and greater importance in the current context of the learning society that our model promotes..

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